Nicholas Gets Squashed

Match #1

Nicholas vs Phillippe

Match #2

'Mean' Mario vs Phillippe

Match #3

Mario vs Nicholas

Match #4

Jordan vs Phillippe

Match #5

Jordan vs Nicholas


'Mean' Mario vs Phillippe

Mario is out to prove he deserves another match against Mathieu. The only way Mathieu will give him a match is if he can demonstrate he is a worthy opponent. Enter THE NEW MEAN MARIO.

Mario is all over Phillippe as he demonstrates his changed attitude.

PHILLIPPE suffers badly at Mario's hands...punishing hold after punishing hold, Phillippe is taunted and tortured....

until Mario decides to unleash his punishing finisher hold..

PHILLIPPE tries to escape from Mario's 'Hangman's Noose'.

The end is slow and painful as Phillippe succumbs to the 'Mean Machine' that Mario is now.

DVD - $39.95