Match #1

Mathieu vs Phillippe

Match #2

Nicholas vs Diego

Match #3

Daiego vs Phillippe

Match #4

Mathieu vs Nicholas

Match #5

Mathieu & Diego vs Nicholas & Phillippe

Match #5

Mathieu & Diego vs Nicholas & Phillippe

The young team of Nicholas and Phillippe take the early advantage

However, double-teaming Phillippe with a wicked leg split means Phillippe is now in trouble..Will Nicholas keep playing by the rules when his opponents flagrantly abuse them???

More double teaming--this time its Nicholas' turn..

Nicholas chokes Mathieu for his cheating ways..

Now that's a camel clutch, eh Nicholas...

All four wrestlers on the mat and all tangled up..

Diego watches Nicholas as Phillippee manoevers his opponent closer to his corner..Nicholas jumps in but so to does Mathieu who is surprised by Nicholas's head scissors.

When all else fails..let's spread those legs..ouch!

Mathieu has Nicholas on the mat...then gives him over to his partner..Diego clamps that sleeper hold on Nicholas like there's no tomorrow...

Nicholas is spreading Mathieu's trunks and slapping his butt for good measure..What a smile on Nicholas' face!

Double-teaming..Diego has Phillipe in a bear hug and Mathieu is ready to put the Boston Crab on Nicholas.

Mathieu and Diego are true champions..

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