Match #1

Mathieu vs Phillippe

Match #2

Nicholas vs Diego

Match #3

Diego vs Phillippe

Match #4

Mathieu vs Nicholas

Match #5

Mathieu & Diego vs Nicholas & Phillippe

Match #3

Diego vs Phillippe

Phillippe starts the match with a headlock..but Diego quickly manoevers out and slips one of his own on the unsuspecting Phillipe.

Phillippe reverses out of the headlock..

Phillippe then puts Diego on the mat in a head scissors...

...only to be taken down to the mat fast and yet so smooth..

Diego may be new to PWP wrestling but his aggressive attitude

and his manner of punishment seems so uniquely methodical and yet carefree..

A choke for good, Phillippe!

PHILLIPPE can't escape from Diego's clutches..and succumbs to the slim, dark wrestler.

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