Match #1

Mathieu vs Phillippe

Match #2

Nicholas vs Diego

Match #3

Daiego vs Phillippe

Match #4

Mathieu vs Nicholas

Match #5

Mathieu & Diego vs Nicholas & Phillippe

Match #4

Mathieu vs Nicholas

Nicholas tries his hand on a headlock...but Mathieu escapes..

..and seems to be in control over his taller and heavier opponent.

Nicholas feels the pain from a boston crab..

He tries to lift himself up..only to be dropped hard to the mat.

Mathieu has Nicholas on the mat and ready for some serious mat punishment....

Nicholas doesn't know whether he is coming or has left the mat area..

NICHOLAS chokes Mathieu in an effort to gain some advantage only.. end up on the receiving end of painful punishment that ony Mathieu can deliver!

NICHOLAS can't stand the pain from Mathieu's submission hold and gives up the match!

Another impressive win for Mathieu!

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