Match #1

Mathieu vs Phillippe

Match #2

Nicholas vs Diego

Match #3

Diego vs Phillippe

Match #4

Mathieu vs Nicholas

Match #5

Mathieu & Diego vs Nicholas & Phillippe

Match #1

Mathieu vs Phillippe

Phillippe and Mathieu are jostling for position as Mathieu first tries to escape from Phillippe's headlock and then ..

as each trades arm bars ..

Mathieu is in control over the young Phillippe.

Yet, Phillippe is able to reverse and has Mathieu in the same hold..Mathieu does not take kindly to his opponent's manoever as he rakes Phillippe's eyes.

Mathieu attacks Phillippe's arms... his effort to weaken and punish his opponent.

Phillippe's arms are all wrapped up...and ready

...for Mathieu's punishing submission hold..."I could have defeated him at any time!" snares Mathieu.."where's my competition Dan???"

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