Match #1

SEXXY EDDIE vs D. Vedette & Marc

Match #2

D.Vedette vs Dominic & Marc

Match #3

D. Vedette vs SEXXY EDDIE & Dominic

Match #4

SEXXY EDDIE vs Dominic & Marc


Best 2 out of 3 Falls

SEXXY EDDIE vs Dominic & Marc


A test of strength? No contest as Sexxy Eddie dominates his smaller opponent.

But Dominic is a cagey wrestler who soon has the Sexxy one...

in a front facelock...here Marc forces Eddie to smell his foot..

then proceeds to insult Eddie by forcing Eddie's face into his butt!

Now its Marc's turn to play with Eddie..pulling hair...then

Dominic firmly plants his butt in Eddie's face..what more degradation awaits Eddie?

More hair pulling...Dominic becomes impatient looking on from the sidelines so..

he jumps in and both men make minchmeat out of Eddie...

The abuse continues...as Marc has Eddie in a sleeper hold ..encouraged by Dominic who is becoming more and more upset at Eddie ...so he lashes out!

first with ball torture by using his feet...then kneeing Eddie who is now helpless ..


Next, Dominic uses his head to inflict punishment where the 'sun don't shine'...

Dominic continues his relentless and vicious attack until Eddie is knocked into unconsciousness..Dom is one mean son of a gun!

Now the boys are fighting over who should take home the victory...

Dominic gets the upper hand with a shot to Marc's privates...then starts choking his one time partner.

Marc reverses and makes Dominic tap out...

only to face a punch to the groin..and down Marc goes..

Dominic is pissed! He lashes out at Marc..first with a head butt to the groin..

then a foot ....

after grinding his foot into Marc's groin, Marc laps into unconsciousness

and Dom spreads out over his defeated 'partner'.. Don't let that boyish face fool you, Dominic is one mean son of a gun!!

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