Match #1

SEXXY EDDIE vs D. Vedette & Marc

Match #2

D.Vedette vs Dominic & Marc

Match #3

D. Vedette vs SEXXY EDDIE & Dominic

Match #4

SEXXY EDDIE vs Dominic & Marc


Best 2 out of 3 falls

D. Vedette vs SEXXY EDDIE & Dominic


A test of strength between these two opponents..first Sexxy Eddie is on top...

Now its D. Vedette's turn to show Eddie his power..

With Dom looking on, Vedette has Eddie all wrapped up..

When Dominic enters the fray, he is quickly brought to the mat...

Sexxy Eddie tags in and soon has Vedette where he wants him...

But Vedette counters with a punishing bear hug..

Dominic tries to tag in to help his partner, but Vedette is too smart to let Eddie get close enough to tag his partner...In the end, Eddie gives up and D. Vedette wins the first fall!


Dominic and Eddie vow not to wrestle fairly..Cheating will be the only way to win the next 2 falls!

The opening of the 2nd fall..Vedette has Dom in a front facelock..Eddie intervenes and both men have Vedette on the mat..

As Dom punishes Vedette's ankle and foot, Eddie pretends to release his head scissors

only to slam his big thigh down on Vedette's neck!

The two boys win the 2nd fall..posing over D. Vedette.

The 3rd fall and both wrestlers congratulate one another as once again they double team their opponent..

With no where to go, D. Vedette taps out...

What a comeback for the two partners..Can this partnership last? Will Dominic's temper get the better of him?

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