Match #1

SEXXY EDDIE vs D. Vedette & Marc

Match #2

D.Vedette & Marc vs Dominic

Match #3

D. Vedette vs SEXXY EDDIE & Dominic

Match #4

SEXXY EDDIE vs Dominic & Marc


Best 2 out of 3 Falls

D. Vedette & Marc vs Dominic


This uneven match pits the smaller newcomer against the bigger Marc and D. Vedette.

Dominic show spunk as he struggles to free himslef first from Marc..

...then from D. Vedette's punishing surf board..

D. Vedette clamps on one of his favorite holds..the sleeper on Dominic..

With Marc looking on, eager to join the contest, Dominic begins to weaken..

By teh time Marc enters, Dominic is losing consciousness....

But Vedette want to make the newcomer suffer, so he wakes his oppoenet out up

and works him over and over until Dom collapses..

Fall #1 goes to the team of D. Vedette and Marc..

Fall #2 and its Marc once more all over Dom..clamping on a camel clutch..

taking pleasure watching his opponent suffer..Will Marc pay later for his bravado??

Marc enjoys the sleeper as much as Dom hates it!!

Down on the mat and Dominic has no where to go...so...

Its time for teh tag team partners to take matters into their own hands..

Double teamed and down on the mat, Dominic taps out and the 2nd and final fall goes to the team of D. Vedette and Marc.

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