Match #1

SEXXY EDDIE vs D. Vedette & Marc

Match #2

D.Vedette vs Dominic & Marc

Match #3

D. Vedette vs SEXXY EDDIE & Dominic

Match #4

SEXXY EDDIE vs Dominic & Marc


SEXXY EDDIE vs D. Vedette & Marc


A test of strength ends up with..

Eddie caught in an arm bar...

Marc keeps the pressure on as Eddie's arm becomes numb from the pain...

Now its Vedette's turn and he secures a tight headlock on Eddie..

With Marc looking on, D. Vedette has Eddie stretched out on the mat...

Vedette knows Eddie's weakness and manoevers to clamp on a mean bear hug ..

on the Sexxy one...struggle as he might, Vedette's power keeps Eddie securely locked in...

Until Eddie taps out...the two men pose over their fallen victim..

The 2nd fall and its both men on top of Sexxy Eddie...a double body scissors and a punch to the gut for good measure..

then its double teaming Eddie's legs...

Eddie is trapped on the mat. What's a poor boy to do? In the end, he concedes the 2nd fall to his opponents!

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