Sexy Steve


 The Sexy Steve Compilation

versus Kid TNT, Eric Legros, Leon, Johnny Max, Sean, and Stephan

 the 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Eric Legros

Rebellion 2

versus the Rebel and Bad Boy

MatAttack #3

versus Stephan and tagteams with Sebastian against Stephan and Sean

MatAttack #2

versus JohnnyMax, Kid TNT and Leon

The Second Scissors Tape

versus Stephan twice and Sean twice

the 1st Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Sean

The Second Bearhug Tape

versus the Rebel and Bad Boy and a triangle match icluding all three guys


the Rebel is delivered a backbreaker as he feels the strength of this very worthy opponent.


Wow !!!


Steve has Johnny pinned.

Steve knows what we all like, and likes it too.


Kid TNT feeling those big arms of Steve.


Big head scissors on Kid TNT.

Leon in a neckbuster.

Stretching that back out on Leon and choking him.


Erics head is held hard in between Steve's big bicep and solid torso. Beautiful.


Eric is fig-4 headscissored with his legs held up over his head. His back being stretched out and his neck choked hard by Steve's big thighs. OUCH!!!