PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Denis vs Lenny

Match #2

Kid TNT vs Serge

Match #3

Kid TNT vs Lenny

Match #4

Serge vs Denis

Match #5

Tag Team Match

Match #2

Kid TNT vs Serge Legros

Kid TNT against a much bigger man. TNT is in control and relishes every moment of it.

TNT gets ready to lower the boom on Serge...

...but the bigger man reverses and puts TNT in a crushing bearhug.

TNT once again on top and into Serge's nose.

The Big man puts the squeeze on the smaller TNT..

...and then decides to do some nose work on TNT.

TNT regains control and puts the pain on Serge with a camel clutch.

But the big man decides to play dirty and grabs TNT by the balls and squeezes hard!

It's pretty well all over for TNT... he suffers from a painful full nelson...

...again and again he tries to escape but...

...finds himself in more and more pain until he can't take it any more.