PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Denis vs Lenny

Match #2

Kid TNT vs Serge

Match #3

Kid TNT vs Lenny

Match #4

Serge vs Denis

Match #5

Tag Team Match

Match #5

Denis Matthews & Lenny


Kid TNT & Serge Legros

The match begins with the smaller guys in control.

Wiry Lenny is a feast for the eyes as he...

...controls the much beigger Serge.

TNT can't stand it so he comes in from behind and drills his arm into Lenny's balls!

Denis is mad and ready to interfere...

...but Lenny decides to return the favor and watch TNT scream in pain.

Denis then gains the upper hand...

...over TNT with a chin lock...

...but the big man enters the mat area and slaps a full nelson on Denis..

Then TNT puts his finisher on Lenny whose legs are rendered useless.

Then its Denis' turn as the two gang up on...

...him and force him to submit.