PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches

 Match #1

Bad Boy

vs Sexy Steve

 Match #2

the Rebel

vs Eric Legros

 Match #3

Bad Boy

vs Eric Legros

 Match #4

the Rebel

vs Sexy Steve

 Match #5

the Warehouse finale

Bad Boy vs the Rebel

Match # 5

Bad Boy vs The Rebel

 The match begins with Bad Boy's entrance. He is on crutches with an injured ankle which he suffered at the hands of the Rebel. This happened in a previous match between Eric and Sexy Steve (which will be seen in the 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash). Both Bad Boy and The Rebel were at mat side. Bad Boy sided with Sexy Steve while The Rebel championed Eric. The Rebel kept up his taunts against Bad Boy saying he would easily win against Bad Boy in Rebellion #2. This lasted until Bad Boy could take it no longer and these two wrestlers took their battle out into the backyard of The Warehouse. This is the first time since that encounter that Dan (PWP) had seen Bad Boy.

 Bad Boy shows up for his match with an injured ankle that he acquired at the hands of Sexy Steve in a match not on this tape. The Rebel thinks that he will have an easy time with this turn of events, and begins to work over the valiant Bad Boy. The holds are too plenty to even mention. The Rebel nearly demolishes the injured Bad Boy, BUT get this… as the Rebel has him in a vicious sideheadlock, Bad Boy reaches down and undoes his ankle bandage, wraps it around the Rebel's neck, and begins his return. He isn't really injured at all and uses it as a ploy to surprise attack the Rebel. This one goes into hardcore fighting involving boxes, stomps to the groin, repeated choking, etc… AND… the Rebel has his surprise for Bad Boy too. He brought backup. Eric is eager to jump into the match when the Rebel needs him, to double team Bad Boy. Lucky for Bad Boy, Sexy Steve is there to help him out. This match is mainly the two big personalities going at it. Who is bigger? Or tougher? Or a better wrestler? Or better looking? Or who is Number 1 in PWP? That's what this match is about. FULL of cocky, skilled wrestling by two very hot looking, talented wrestlers. AWESOME!!! It doesn't get much better than this.

The Rebel takes an early advantage of Bad Boy's 'helpless' state.

With both Sexy Steve and Eric loooking on, the Rebel continues his onslaught...


...with low blows and taking delight in...


...the mauling he is dishing out to Bad Boy.

The Rebel loves to showboat and Bad Boy knows it...He is waiting for the opportunity to 'shed' his injury.

Bad Boy had all of us fooled..Here he is choking the Rebel with his ankle bandages.


But he tries to put the Evil one out before his time...


...which was a fatal error. The Rebel applies Bad Boy's favorite hold on him...


...and proceeds to choke him with a head scissors.


Bad Boy reverses and starts choking the life out of the Rebel.

But The Rebel is a seasoned veteran of PWP. Here he insults Bad Boy by almsot wripping off his trunks.

Bad Boy has had enough of The Rebel and pounds a low blow of his own.


But the Rebel's 'secret weapon' has been Eric who jumps to The Rebel's rescue. Here Bad Boy is double teamed as The Rebel pounds Bad Boy's gut with repeated punches...


...and Eric gets in a few of his own on the hapless Bad One.


The double teaming continues...Sexy Steve can't hold himself back and tries to help Bad Boy...


...but he too falls victim to the onslaught of these two merciless heels....What will Bad Boy do now???