PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches

Match #1

Sean vs Skip and Boy 

 Match #2

Big 'le gros' Bill vs Skip and Boy

Match #3

Pat vs Skip and Sean 

Match #4

Big Bill and Punishing Pat vs Sean, Skip and Boy 

Pat's Revenge 

Match #3

Pat vs Sean and Skip

A little air borne exercise for Boy Wonder.

Pat gives Sean a little head squeeze for good measure.

Pat punishes both boys for being naughty.

Pat gets a face lifting from Boy.

Pat continues his headlock punishment of Sean.

Our Boy Wonder puts the moves on Pat. "Let's see if your head can touch your toes punk".

Sean holds Pat while Boy works him over with punches to the gut and face.

Pat is double-teamed and gets his face re-arranged for good measure.

Boy and Sean weaken the bigger man with assaults to the arms and face.

A double arm stretch has Pat in agony and pain.

Pat is stretched and kicked into submission. And this is before Sean brings in 'Skip' to finish the job!

Sean and the boys think they are pretty hot stuff.

What can you say about 3 guys against one!