PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches

Match #1

Sean vs Skip and Boy 

 Match #2

Big 'le gros' Bill vs Skip and Boy

Match #3

Pat vs Skip and Sean 

Match #4

Big Bill and Punishing Pat vs Sean, Skip and Boy 

Pat's Revenge 

Match #2

Big 'le gros' Bill vs Boy & Skip

The match begins with 'le gros' over-powering 'Skip'. Here, he massages Skip's face while he has his massive legs wrapped around 'Skip's head.

'Le gros' continues to have his way with the two studpuppys.

Boy Wonder is Big Bill's next victim.

The only way to even the match is for one of the studpuppys to interfere.

Not content to maul his hapless victims, 'Big Bill' decides to take his pawns for a little spin.

And a bone-crushing headscissors with a little hair pulling to finish the job.

Boy and 'Skip' double team the BIG man. 'Had enough, le gros'?

When his buddy's in trouble, Boy comes to the rescue.

The two studpuppys can bring the BIG man down...but for how long??

Skip suffers as the Big One puts the pressure on his small head.

Oh, that must hurt!

Take that you punks...You're no match for 'Le Gros'!

In the end, SIZE does MATTER as Big Bill relaxes on the two exhausted and defeated studpuppies.