PWP Wrestling presents


 the Matches

 Match 1 and 2

the Animal vs Konan

Kid Q vs Sean

 Match 3 and 4

the Animal vs Kid Q

Konan vs Sean

 Tag Team Match

the Animal and Sean vs Konan and Kid Q

Battling Bodies 2

Match #3

the Animal vs Kid Q 

TThese two have been in PWP for quite sometime now. And each have developed into hot looking guys with lots of muscle to back them up. A headlock on the Kid starts this one off. Then a big body scissors, armbar on Animal. A site to behold. The Animal lays the Kid on the mat and has at him. Surfboard and a sleeper have the Kid in trouble. Animal holds on long, and he holds on hard. The Kid is a big guy, but Animal can out power him. These two have fantastic bodies and faces like models. It doesn't matter what they do to eachother, they look great doing it. Just when you think the Kid is out, he forces Animal into a headscissors armbar leaving Animal debilitated. The Animal just can't shake the tough guy. A headlock on one, that almost puts him out, then a sleeper on the other that works. WOW is a great way to describe this one. These two hunks just look great. Fabulous work.  

The Animal begin his assault on Kid Q with a punishing arm bar.

Kid Q punishes the Animal in his own way with a figure four head scissors.

The Animal resorts to some dirty is applies pressure on poor Kid Q's groin.

The long punishing sleeper on Kid Q is a sight to behold. The Animal triumphs once again.

Match #2

Sean vs Konan

EvEven with all Sean's experience on the mats, he still has trouble with this huge guy. Konan is one big and tough man, and Sean quickly finds that out. Choking and slamming and manhandling poor Sean. Sean tries his best to keep the big guy down on the mat so he can use his wrestling skills. Konan just so effortlessly puts Sean in holds and plays with him. Then Sean retorts with great holds, but Konan is just too much for Sean and just outpowers him. This is a squash job that Konan loved because he worked over Sean and got to lots of flexing for the camera. One big tough heel that had this vet wondering what hit him. 

Konan starts the match as the aggressor...making our Sean suffer.

Konan remains on the offensive and puts Sean in a devastating head scissors.

Sean is able to reverse and applies his own head scissors on the larger Konan...

...but Sean is no match for Konan who squeezes and squeezes the life out of a listless Sean.