PWP Wrestling presents


 the Matches

 Match 1 and 2

the Animal vs Konan

Kid Q vs Sean

 Match 3 and 4

the Animal vs Kid Q

Konan vs Sean

 Tag Team Match

the Animal and Sean vs Konan and Kid Q

Battling Bodies 2

Tagteam Match

the Animal and Sean vs Kid Q and Konan

You have to see how these hot hunks fill out their trunks. Fantastic. Animal and Sean quickly take over their opponents. Big and hunky Animal with his power moves on the Kid, then on Konan. He holds big Konan while Sean works him over. These two are mean. The Kid finally relieves Konan and gets Sean in a long leg choke hold and calls him "a sissy" while he toys with him. The Animal strikes the Kid and takes him out for his partner. The Animal has the Kid in a lot of pain with an armbar, when Konan jumps in and throws a sleeper on the hunk. Animal lays out Konan on display in a head scissors, and enjoys it while inflicting some pain. He has Konan where he wants him. Enter Sean to aid in the attack on the big guy. Then the Kid and Konan attack Sean. When Animal comes to the rescue, a pair of sleepers have these two in a bind. It's humiliating what the Animal forces Kid Q to do the Konan. This is one of the best tapes to see the Animal in, and the only one so far with Konan. Throw in Kid Q and Sean and you have lots of sexy, hunky, manhandling fun. GREAT ACTION!!!  

At the start, the team of The Animal...

...and Sean are all over Kid Q.

Miraculously, Kid Q rebounds with a figure-four head scissors...

...and some Sean torturing of his own.

But The Animal comes to Sean's rescue (once again)...

...and soon it is all over for the team of Kid Q and Konan.