Eric Legros


The Sexy Steve Compilation

versus Sexy Steve

 the 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Sexy Steve

Rebellion 2

versus the Rebel and Bad Boy

the Third Scissors Tape

versus Pistol Pete and Round Robin including the Rebel and Danny D

Eric with a big headscissors on Pistol Pete. Great view of what's squishing your head, Pete?

Eric can carry his own well... the Rebel found Eric's big arm choking him.

Bad Boy got a taste of Eric's abilities as he writhers trying to escape his scissors.

This armbar looks tight, even up against Bad Boy's pipes.

I think the Rebel might finally have an allie in this battle with Bad Boy. Here Eric nelsons Bad Boy while the Rebel pounds on him a while.

Eric knows that he has the Rebel right where he wants him.  


Even experienced muscular Sexy Steve gets roughed up a bit by Eric. Eric's bicep wrapped around Steve in this chinlock that Steve...


...can't shake. Eric is tough, and he has a great build. Bad Boy backs him up on this fight.