PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Brandon vs Mick

Match #2

René vs Mick

Match #3

Brandon vs René

Match #4

Sébastian vs Mick

Match #5

Brandon vs Sébastian



Brandon vs Sébastian

Brandon begins his assault on Sébastian with a punishing headlock.


But Sébastian returns the favor with a leg lock..Tbis is an evenly fought match..with each wrestler...

...taking advantage ...such as here with Sébastien in a bone crushing legscissors.

...or Sébastian's armlock and some hair pulling on Brandon...

Brandon has Sébastian down on the mat with his claw hold.

Sébatian has Brandon on the mat and asks him to have a taste of his foot.

Brandon claws at Sébastian's pecs...

...while Sébastian tortures Brandon with a figure-four leglock.

Brandon gets the advantage at the end of the bout ..first with a full nelson.

Then, with a little bit of choking...


...another full nelson...this time on the mat and...


...finally a long held sleeper and Sébastian is Branded! But Sébastian wants a re-match and maybe Dan will oblige in the near future. You let me know whether you think Sébastian deserves another match with Brandon!