PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Brandon vs Mick

Match #2

René vs Mick

Match #3

Brandon vs René

Match #4

Sébastian vs Mick

Match #5

Brandon vs Sébastian



Sébastian vs Mick

Sebastian takes an early advantage with a full nelson.

Here he is punishing his smaller opponent and looking quite satisfied thank you.

The little guy is tightly caught in a figure-four head.....


...Sébastian turns the man around and makes him eat the mat..what a move!

Sébastian is in complete control as he puts the squeeze on Mick.

But Mick knows a thing or two about wrestling as Sébastian soon discovers.

Mick enjoys being on top!

A little too confident, Mick decides to gut punish Sébastian...

...but as you can see, the bigger man easily prevails.

 Mick is a great competitor, but like Brandon and Rene, Sebastian has just too much muscle and experience.