the Animal


 The Dyllon Compilation

versus Dyllon

the Practice Tape

versus Jean, Larry and tagteams with Alex

Villains versus Virgins

versus Serge Legros, Dyllon and Mick

 Battling Bodies

versus François Ménard, and tagtems with Sean against Ironman, François Ménard and the College Kid

 Battling Bodies II

versus Konan, Kid Q and tagteams with Sean

Konan was Animals biggest and toughest opponent... here Animal has him in a firm sideheadlock with a little gouging. Great muscle guy matchup.


The big hunk with those big arms sleepering out KidQ. He struggles but there is no escape. Another great muscle guy matchup.


Animal is a big opponent for Jean... but it's fun to watch Jean sleeper out the Animal and his awesome physique.


He puts all that muscle into his holds, like this sideheadlock on Larry... very devistating.


He tortures KidQ's back for a while.


The big Animal takes a big beating at the hands of Francois... but when the Animal is in control, Francois suffered...


...and suffered...


...and suffered... but the view was great.


Serge is in one of the Animals tight fig-4 headscissors, and there is no way out.


It's only a taste... the Animal's signature hold is the sleeper and Serge sleeps.


Dyllon has no excape once in the Animals clutches. This side headlock nearly has him out...


But the Animal doesn't stop until he wins with his sleeper. His arms and shoulders are so powerful.

Animal has Nick all tied up in this body scissors chinlock with an armlock.