New Era Wrestling 4

Match #1

William vs Joe

Match #2

m.Micho vs Michael

Match #3

William vs Michael

Match #4

m.Micho vs Joe

Match #5

William vs m. Micho


William vs m. Micho

MICHO towers over WILLIAM and easily takes command early on in the match..

Has William met his match in Micho?

WILLIAM finds himself seemingly out-classed and especially out-sized

While he is able to get a few licks of his own, it is the bigger Micho who ends on top.

William is wrapped up and twisted like a pretzel..

When MICHO clamps on that bear hug, it would seem that William will be put out of his misery...

Micho calls William a teenager as he poses for the camera.. but William has stashed a special weapon of his own...

...knocks out MICHO..grabs him by the hair...

....and puts him out and lays him out on the mat...

"Don't call me a teenager"..the street-wise William cries out...


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