New Era Wrestling 4

Match #1

William vs Joe

Match #2

m.Micho vs Michael

Match #3

William vs Michael

Match #4

m.Micho vs Joe

Match #5

William vs m. Micho


William vs Joe

Not since Louie, from New Era Wrestling #1 and 2, has Dan witnessed the tenacity and down-right street toughness of someone like WILLIAM.

JOE soon learns what it means to be put on the mat with someone like William.

WILLIAM finds himself trapped ..but not for long... JOE soon discovers...William's sleeper/choke-out hold is punishment enough...but Joe, the MMA fighter somehow escapes..

Joe has William on the mat suffering...yet.. he finds himself trapped in a powerful head scissors...

Once William gets behind someone, you had better watch out....

Joe gasps for air as William proceeds to knock him out cold!

William loves to play to the camera AFTER his matches...

He knows its all business when he is facing an opponent..usually someone larger than himself.


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