New Era Wrestling 4

Match #1

William vs Joe

Match #2

m.Micho vs Michael

Match #3

William vs Michael

Match #4

m.Micho vs Joe

Match #5

William vs m. Micho


m. Micho vs Joe

Micho takes an early advantage over Joe...

JOE tries to work over Micho but a tight grab of Joe's ankle leads to Micho's doubl foot hold..

Those powerful hands of Micho and a choke by Joe...

...ends with Joe helplessly pounding on Micho's back to release the hold.

Micho has Joe locked in full nelsons and bear hugs

There is little Joe can do to escape from Micho's domination...

Micho decides to end the match with a bone crushing sleeper hold..

m. MICHO posing over the laid out Joe..


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