New Era Wrestling 4

Match #1

William vs Joe

Match #2

m.Micho vs Michael

Match #3

William vs Michael

Match #4

m.Micho vs Joe

Match #5

William vs m. Micho


m. Micho vs Michael

These two friends wanted to wrestle...Nice friend..Michael tries to take m.Micho down with a knee to the groin...

No such he wraps his hands around his friend's leg...

Michael thinks he can take on his friend Micho, but those massive hands wrapped around Michael's head tells everyone who's in charge of the PWP mat.

A rake to the eyes and a 'friendly' squeeze and Michael's all happy..and I do mean Michael..not Micho..

MICHAEL thinks he can bear hug Micho only to find himself

trapped in a bear hug to beat all bear hugs...

MICHAEL's in the air...

m. MICHO tells his friend he has nowhere tp go but down...and try as he might, Michael ends up flat on the mat...

"'re mine"


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