Here is a look at some of the hot looking men that wrestle for PWP. Over the years. Dan has continually found a great bunch of muscular wrestling talent for each tape. PWP guys are some of the hottest looking, and most muscular wrestling hunks around. Each tape has the guys introducing themselves, and then there are 5-6 matchups between them. Packed full of action, the men try to outmuscle eachother with scissor holds, bear hugs, full nelsons, sleepers and everything else including ball punishment. There are lots of close-up shots of muscles straining, briefs bulging, and hunks getting manhandled. Each tape is around 2 hours long. There are one-on-one matches, tagteam action, handicapped matches, and there are about 70 tapes in the PWP Library to collect. Click on any of the hunks on this page below or the next, to see their individual gallery pages and a complete list of all the tapes they are on. LOTS of muscle to see !!


Big arms, broud shoulders, huge chest... this man is built. His handsome face and smile are drop-dead. And a dominant attitude that has him badmouthing his opponents in English as he manhandles them. This PWP fighter is ULTRA-HOT!!! Watching him flex his body throughout his matches will have you wanting to see him over and over.


Right from the start this hulk of a man showed his power. His huge intimidating physique, brute force and great wrestling skill, all blend together to make Gabriel a true PWP favorite. PWP's only problem with this powerhouse of a man is finding him equal competition. He just squashes his opponents one by one. No one has yet made this man suffer at all... even a little. This wrestler is HOT!!!

 the Rebel

 One of the toughest guys with PWP. His talent is only surpassed by his fantastic good looks. He really dominates his opponents... and flexes that amazing body between his killer holds and taunts his opponent to get up for more of his punishment. His opponents suffer a lot... and he looks great.dishing it out... or getting his butt kicked!!! The Rebel is one of the great ones and ALL of his matches are awesome to watch.

Special K

This guy is incredible!! His handsome face is amazing. Add that to a sculpted physique... huge arms, broad shoulders, thick chest... that allow him to toss around his opponents. He manhandles the other wrestlers leaving them shaking or passed out on the mat. This is one tough wrestler!!!

Mad Maxx

In his debut, he muscles his way into PWP, destroying all, and blows away the Rebel's (in his return feature). This is one helluva hot, handsome, built, talented, ultra-hunk. He flexes that amazing body as much as he can, displaying his muscle in every hold. He has beaten Bad Boy, Kid Q, the Rebel, Special K, Angel, and everyone else he has met. Tough, well muscled and HOT!!! That's Mad Maxx, one of the best.


Jackson: the Black Scorpion

This hunk is so hot that his debut was a feature starring himself... the Black Scorpion. Sculpted body, huge arms, thick shoulders and chest... amazing abs, huge legs and back... this man is built!!! He brings a dominant attitude to his matches that is totally unnerving for the other wrestlers. WHAT A HUNK!!!


Not as muscular as the other guys but one of the most talented wrestlers with PWP. His holds are done with power and a little arrogence. A great heel.


Hot, muscle guy... who is a little out of his league with a lot of the big musclehunks with PWP... but he looks great on the recieving end too. Hot young guy.


This is the PWP veteran. He has been with us a very long, successful time. He always looks great, is very talented with a whole lot of experience. And he is probably one of the most vocal guys with PWP.

the Animal

One of PWP's big hunks, this guy is great to watch. Big muscles and a definate talent for mat wrestling. He is an untimely favorite. Dominating and powerful. When he wraps those huge biceps around you... it's done. The Animal Rocks.

 Bad Boy

 This big man is a force. He backs up every hold with his amazing build. Talented and very tough... this hunk can go the distance. He is an overpowering... intimidating... manhandelling heel. He's awesome.

Serge Legros

This guy is definatly a force in the making. Well built and a powerful wrestler who likes to put all the pressure he can into his holds. is a great hunk to watch. He's as tough as they come.

the Asian Assasin' 

Look at this guys bod... Dominating and powerful... and built. A guy who looks like he's ready for bodybuilding competitions, with impecable wrestling skills. And one of the toughest guys ever in PWP.


 Another great looking musclehunk who has developed quite the body since his start with PWP. Bigger and tougher with every match. When he is dominating his matches he gets quite arrogant. He likes to flex and touch his amazing body. A great looking hunk.


Handsome hot hunk. Wow... this guy has great looks. Not as big as some, but he has one of the leanest muscular builds we've seen. Fantastic physique and tough enough to have a great match. WOW Hot!!


Awesome competitor, and fantastic looking build. This guy is big and tough enough to take bouts from BOTH the Rebel and Mad Maxx in his debut. FANtastic!!


Tall hunk and getting bigger and more muscular with every tape. Tough guy who is serious about his wrestling, and is definatly a handfull for most of his opponents.

Sexy Steve

He lives up to his name. Sexy and muscular... he knows how to dominate his opponents and looks great doing it. He likes his body and loves to flex for the camera and kiss his great big biceps.

Marc Lapoche

If you are looking for rough and raunchy, this is a great choice. Marc skill and strength shows in every match he's in... and lucky for us, he just keeps looking better and better.


Lean, goodlooking wrestler. Loaded with talent and wrestling skill. A slight build, BUT very rough and very raunchy.


Bald and built. Guillaume dominates his matchups, crushing his opponents and showing no mercy. One great wrestler.

Danny Boy

Right from the start, because of this guys big build, Danny Boy immediately went up against the big guys of PWP. Special K, the Rebel and Sebastien have all taken him on and all have failed to overcome this big boy.

Denis Matthews

Denis has stamina to go with his wrestling skill. He may not be one of the BIG boys, but he offers quite the battle for those he's wrestled.

 Kid Q

Is a PWP veteran. from young tough fighting Kid Q... to this built intimidating musclehunk that he is today. Slow and long held powerful holds is what he is known for. He will dominate matches, inflicting punishment until his opponents are devistated. He uses all that muscle.


Hunky Jay is brother to Kid Brandon. Well built guy who likes to flex and show off his toughness, as he torments his opponents,.


This guy is mega-hunky bodybuilder. He looks great all over. With all that muscle he can have his opponents in trouble in no time... but he also looks great getting that amazing body tortured too.


Dino has a real great body. He knows that it's better than most and has a good time manhandelling guys. He enjoys talking bad to them as he destroys them.


Big, tough, hot hunk, Marky. He is a big man to try to control, and any wrestler would have a tough time with this guy.

Kid Brandon

Brother to Jay, KB has had much success in his matchups. Tough as nails, he isn't a big guy... but he can dominate a guy in a blink of an eye. Don't ever count this man out, until the match is over.


Brutus is one of the biggest bodybuilders with PWP. This guy can really wrestle, so with all of that muscle to back up his holds... he is a brute force to reckon with.


This yummy young muscle hunk will surely be a welcome addition to the PWP hunks roster. Big shoulders, arms and legs...Sexy Eddie will be one to watch.


Eric makes up for size with wrestling skill. He knows how to punish a guy with long lasting hard holds.


Big, tough, hot hunk, Dekker will be one to contend with.

Mike 'Mad Dog' Legros

Mad Dog has the size and muscularity... add skill and a dominant attitude and you have a lethal combination that makes this guy tough to handle.


This guy has wrestling skill and can quickly overtake an opponent in no time. He is handsomely built, and loves to flex those muscles. He's great to watch.


Jeremy is one of those boys we all dream of. Handsome and Built!!! That beautifully built body can really torture an opponent. This hunk is fun to watch. He has skill and muscle... a lethal combination. HOT MAN!!!


Probably the biggest guy in PWP. Tall, huge frame and an equally commanding presence to go up against. Big and Bad!!!


Tall, dark and built! This hunk has the big brooding body that intimidates all. When Wesley wraps those huge arms around the other wrestlers there is no escape. Hot big man!!


Big man Rikki has held his own against some big PWP hunks. His dominating presense, along with those large arms, offer much punishment for all of his opponents.


This guy has the face of a model and one helluva great body to go with it. He has no problem holding his own against the other hunks of PWP. Neil is one hot man!


Skull is a guy that just gets bigger and stonger with each matchup. His shoulders and arms are bigger than anyones. And it's great to watch him punish his opponents throughout his matches.

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