Match #1

James Wallace vs Julien

Match #2

James Wallace vs JOE

Match #3

James Wallace vs AARON

Match #4

Joe vs Julien




Julien starts the match in control of the muscular Joe..

But Joe will have none of that as he motions menacingly at Julien's face with his fist..

Joe shows he has wrestling talent as he manoeuvers Julien from one hold... another...'look at what I can do to this're next' as he threatens Aaron who is watching this match.

Julien is on the mat withering in pain....

Joe gets too cocky..a big mistake in this business and Julien gets the first fall...


Joe begins the 2nd fall in control but Julien quickly seizes the opportunity to be on top..

JOE gets angry and starts to dish it out..until Julien concedes Fall #2 to Joe.


Joe starts the third fall with Julien on his stomach...

Joe seems to have things well under control..

JULIEN has other ideas but can't keep Joe...

...from getting the better of him...

Joe then clamps on the submission hold he picked up from James and its curtains for Julien. Fall #3 goes to Joe..

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