Match #1

James Wallace vs Julien

Match #2

James Wallace vs JOE

Match #3

James Wallace vs AARON

Match #4

Joe vs Julien




JAMES WALLACE starts the match in control of the muscular Joe.

Joe reverses and seems to have James on the mat, but the Brit veteran lifts his opponent..

and slams him on the mat..ready for a takedown...

JOE escapes and straddles the Brit veteran..

JAMES starts to show his wrestling skills.... Joe soon discovers....trapped ....with no where to go and concedes Fall #1.


Joe begins the 2nd fall in control punishing James...

as the fall continues...James reverses..

and controls Joe on the mat...

Joe seems caught once more in a submission hold...however..

He escapes and clamps on a headlock...

Only to find himself trapped by James tight head scissors..

Joe is able to escape and starts to pound on James....weakening his opponent..

JOE thinks he has the veteran caught in a sleeper hold...

James has other ideas as he readies his victim for a shoulder buster.. Aaron counts out Joe..Fall #2 goes to James.

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