Match #1

James Wallace vs Julien

Match #2

James Wallace vs JOE

Match #3

James Wallace vs AARON

Match #4

Joe vs Julien




Aaron takes command of the match with an on the mat bear hug..

then an arm bar.....

Aaron seems to have the veteran Brit wrestler dazed...

but a quick kiss (??) and its all business...or so it seems until..

Aaron has James bridged...and in pain..

AARON get caught in one of James' favorite holds...but Aaron soon reverses...

but Aaron becomes too cocky and before he realizes what hit him...

he is forced to tap out..Fall #1 goes to James..


Aaron is in control once more...

stretching James' legs....

Aaron keeps the pain on and eventualy James must concede the fall...

Aaron goes too far when he strikes James in the stomach at the end of the fall..


JAMES is ready for Fall #3 as he positions himself on top of Aaron...

AARON is hoisted up in the air and

comes crashing down on James' knee...

Aaron is hurting but will not be counted out...Julien (the ref) only gets a 2 count before Aaron powers out!

James pulls out all the stops..and it is only when he pile drives Aaron that Julien (the ref) is able to count Aaron out! Fall #3, a tough battle, goes to James..

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