6 Matches!

Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #1

Jay vs D. Vedette

Match #2

Yannick vs D. Vedette

Match #3

Sexxy Eddie vs D. Vedette

Match #4

Yannick vs Jay

Match #5

Sexxy Eddie vs Jay

Match #6

Sexxy Eddie vs Yannick


Sexxy Eddie vs Yannick


Sexxy Eddie and rookie Yannick in a test of strength??

Yannick's power is 'extraordinaire'!

Just look at the power of this muscle GOD as he applies...

...the pressure on Sexxy Eddie's head...oh the crushing painl!!


Yannick relishes his status as one of PWP's newest Muscle Gods.

Sexxy Eddie finds himself... more trouble on the mat.

Yannick plays with our... young stud before clamping...

...those MASSIVE arms around Sexxy Eddie's head... there is little he can do to escape.

And with every attempt to break free from Yannick's sleeper hold...

...Yannick maintains his commanding grip and even ha time to taunt the sexy veteran.


Eddie escapes and quickly secures a sleeper of his own on Yannick.

The rookie struggles to break free...

...but Eddie's resolve increases.


And struggle as he might, he is unable to break free... looks like Yannick is ready to succumb...or s it just a ploy to make Eddie drop his guard???

Who knew the rookie Muscle God was so cagey???

Slowly Eddie succumbs to Yannick'ssleeper...

Its all over for the Sexxy Eddie. Watch Out PWP wrestlers... this MUSCLE GOS is gunning for you!!

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