6 Matches!

Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #1

Jay vs D. Vedette

Match #2

Yannick vs D. Vedette

Match #3

Sexxy Eddie vs D. Vedette

Match #4

Yannick vs Jay

Match #5

Sexxy Eddie vs Jay

Match #6

Sexxy Eddie vs Yannick


Sexxy Eddie vs D. Vedette

PWP hunk Sexxy Eddie...

...and rookie D. Vedette... a test of strength??


Sexxy Eddie has D. Vedette securely trapped...

...his arm locked...

...behind his opponent's back. Sexxy Eddie is definitely in control!!


But a surprised Eddie is trapped in...

...a sleeper hold and struggles to break free.

Only to find himself in more trouble on the mat... as D. Vedette casually sits on the bench next to the mat.

But Sexxy Eddie manages to break free and once those beefy arms...

...are wrapped around D. Vedette's neck...


... there is little the rookie can do to escape... or is there??


Somehow, D. Vedette was able to secure a head scissor's around Sexxy Eddie's neck.

Sexxy Eddie has nowhere to look but straight ahead.

Eddie breaks free and secures a sleeper on D. Vedette. He keeps the pressure on!

The rookie is helpless to resist the power of the veteran wrestler.

And struggle as he might, he is unable to break free...

...from those massive biceps... Sexxy Eddie seems content he will secure another victory from this rookie.


Now a weakened opponent, D. Vedette slowly succumbs to Eddie's sleeper.

And slow as it is, D. Vedette falls to sleep in Eddie's arms. It's all over for the rookie!

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