6 Matches!

Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #1

Jay vs D. Vedette

Match #2

Yannick vs D. Vedette

Match #3

Sexxy Eddie vs D. Vedette

Match #4

Yannick vs Jay

Match #5

Sexxy Eddie vs Jay

Match #6

Sexxy Eddie vs Yannick


Jay vs Sexxy Eddie

Sexxy Eddie and Jaycome together in this one...

...with a test of strength.


But Jay wins the test of strength, and has Sexxy Eddie...

...trapped in a sleeper hold!!

A surprised Eddie struggles to break free.

Only to find himself in more trouble on the mat.


But once those beefy arms are wrapped around Jay's upper body... a full nelson...

....there is little Jay can do to escape.


And with every attempt Jay to break free from Eddie's punishing sleeper and...

...head scissors... Sexxy Eddie won't relinguish his commanding grip.

Eddie keeps the pressure on and surprise... starts pulling Jay's hair... has our good boy found his evil roots??

Jay seems helpless to resist the power of those massive thighs.

But wait!! Jay regains control. And struggle as he might, Sexxy Eddie is unable to break free.

Eddie has been weakened and Jay grabs his opponent by the hair and lifts him up from the mat.


Now a weakened opponent, Eddie is set-up for...

...Jay's powerful sleeper!

Slowly Eddie succumbs to Jay's sleeper. What a surprise ending to a tough match. Does this mean Eddie's reign as one of PWP's good clean wrestlers is about to change his ways. What happens when Sexxy Eddie confronts the MUSCLE GOD Yannick???

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