6 Matches!

Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #1

Jay vs D. Vedette

Match #2

Yannick vs D. Vedette

Match #3

Sexxy Eddie vs D. Vedette

Match #4

Yannick vs Jay

Match #5

Sexxy Eddie vs Jay

Match #6

Sexxy Eddie vs Yannick


"The cinematography is just as good as on Doomed and Dominated #2. In fact, everything about the DVD is excellent.. The matches themselves are unbelievable. There is simply not a weak match on the DVD. That doesn't mean I liked them all equally, but in terms of your achievement, they are all equal. I mentioned in yesterday's email that for the first time I saw why Sexxy Eddie uses that name. You had him lose in two matches and struggle in one. All three could not have been improved on. Jay did not make any impression on me except that you had him with other wrestlers who did
make an impression. Jay played his role perfectly. You were giving everybody what he wanted in the same match. You had the obvious winner become a loser. You gave the larger guys their due and you did exactly the same thing with the smaller guys and it worked. Even Yannick has major moments of lengthy struggle when he was obviously the one to beat. Just wonderful, Dan.

Sexxy Eddie, Yannick, and D. Vedette all can be used in various ways, but you have definitely crossed the line with Eddie and it can never be the same. I still think he is too tightly muscled and I feel the same way about Yannick, but I am certainly in the minority on that topic. I say skin should move and that it is not marble. BUT, what you have done with every wrestler on this DVD opens the best of your world to them and to your customers.

From me a thank you and from the customers, I hope, big sales.
You done good, Dan. Actually, you done more than good. You have released simultaneously two of your best DVDs ever. And now get yourself back to Montreal and give us another of your one of a kind signature DVDs.

Barry from USA



The Wrestlers








D. VEDETTE: The Man's Man

 DVD - $45.00