Serge Legros


ROUGH and Raunchy 8

versus Denis, James and Ricky

 ROUGH and Raunchy 6

versus Lenny, Romeo and Marc Lapoche

Villains versus Virgins

versus the Animal, Dyllon and Mick 

Montreal Matmen

versus Kid Q and a Round Robin including Stephan and Punishing Pat

Serge starts in on Mick with this armbar and pulls the young studs arm back in torture.

Serge in control scissors Mick hard.

Serge wraps his big bicep under the stunned studs chin and sleepers him out.

Dyllon has a hard time dealing with Serges side headlock.

Serge demonstrates his dominance on the big Animal by cradelling him up tight and squeezing the big guy.


Serge's match starts out great for him, as he shows his talent by locking Romeo's legs, clutching his neck and bending that back hard...


...Then Romeo is treated to a close up view of the big guys package, while Serge squeezes Romeos head hard between those massive legs.


Continuing the pressure on that neck, Serge beefs up his scissors by lifting his body up to add to the pressure. His attack is short lived and Romeo will prevail over the musclehunk.


Serge looks pretty hunky as he slaps those pipes around Lenny's head with this side headlock.


Then the softened up Lenny is an easy target for one of Serges nasty bearhug, flexing that huge chest and those big arms, torturing poor Lenny.


Serge is a fantastic wretler and looks as good dishing it out as he does taking it. Here the dominant musclehunk punishes Lenny.


Serge holds Denis Matthews hard body securely against his in this powerful bearhug.


Then mounts Denis with this double armbar, working over Denis hot arms.


And then finishes Denis off with this long held over the knee backbreaker, and fiercely works over his balls.


Serge manhandels James with an armbar with added crotch punishment.


Ricky is treated to this multiple hold of Serge, including Serges tight grip on Ricky's big pouch.