Bear Hug 6

wrestles Alfie - the Hungarian Sensation

Sean's Back

wrestles Alex (aka Bruno) and Ricko

Rebel's Back: Bear Hug

wrestles ROLAND - the Huge Hungarian Powerhouse

the Brandon Compilation

tagteams with Dyllon against Brandon and Bad Boy

the Tyler Compilation

versus Tyler

Joey Succumbs

versus Joey, Fred and a three-way

 the Black Scorpion

versus the Scorpion, Dino and Tyler

The Sexy Steve Compilation

versus Sexy Steve

the 4th Sleeper Tape

versus Bradley, Danny Boy and the Rebel

the 4th Scissors Tape

versus Christopher, Felix and Kombat Kid

the 3rd Bearhug Tape

versus Bad Boy, Brandan and tagteams with Dyllon 

the 2nd Scissors Tape

versus Sexy Steve twice and Stephan twice

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Sexy Steve

MatAttack #3

versus Sebastian and tagteams with Stephan against Sexy Steve and Sebastian

 Montreal Locker Room Wrestling 2

versus Kid Q, Konan and tagteams with the Animal

 Battling Bodies

versus Ironman, College Kid and tagteams with the Animal against them and Francois Menard

the Scissors Tape

versus Punishing Pat

the Buddies Tape

versus Rene and tagteams with Punishing Pat against Rene and Dino


Big headscissors, 'Kid Q' in big trouble.

Sean puts a strong headlock on 'Kid Q'

Pat's Revenge

in a handicapped match and then 2 tagteam matches

Canadian Studpuppy Wrestling 1

versus Dan and tagteams with Matt against Dan and Pat


Sean in command.


It's almost lights out for 'the College Kid'


Sean does a flex pin.


'the Collge Kid' feeling those strong legs.

Sean puts the squeeze on Bad Boy with this bearhug.


Even big Brandon struggles as Sean puts all his might into this bearhug.

Felix gets a solid headscissors from our veteran Sean.

Sean has his way with the new guy scoolboy pinning him, sqeezing his head, stretching up on his arms for added punishment and playing a little dirty with some smothering.


Christopher gets roughed up too. Not only does Sean get in another schoolboy pin, but this opponent gets a claw to the head too.


A solid figure-4 headscissors does Christopher in.


And after his victory, Sean does some titty twisting for a little more humiliation.

Bradley racks up a few wins in this rookie tape of his, defeating strong veterans like the Rebel and Sean. Here Sean enjoys torturing Bradley with this side headlock...


...then turning it into this solid sleeperhold, almost knocking the dominant rookie out.


Sean has Danny Boy trapped under the weight of him as he sits on the couch and...


...he wraps his arms around the muscle hunks head in this sleeper.


The Rebel may look like Seans attempt at sleepering him out is working...


...and it may look like it here too... but the Rebel is only toying with Sean. Sean suffers as he is pummeled by the Rebel.

Sean returns to PWP with an astounding new body and attitude. Here BIG Tyler gets some knuckle-dusting while feeling Seans bicep squeeze and pull his neck.

Sean feeling real tough now antagonizes the big guy with some choking.

And then attacks Tyler with one of his scissors that he has practiced for so many years now. Sean pulls and squeezes Tylers neck, trapped in a vicious scissorhold... and pulls on his big arms to really work over his shoulder and neck, almost putting the big guy out.

The Black Scorpion gets nelsoned by the bigger and stronger Sean.

Dino finds himself in one of Seans tough scissorholds... as the vet throws a nelson on him too...

...and then after a while of nelsoning Dino, he switches the nelson to this chokehold, wrapping Dinos arms around his neck and sqeezes his body all over.

Then Sean gives his arms a break and reverts back to one of his famous scissors, almost putting his tough opponent out.