PWP Wrestling presents


the Wrestlers



Pat, Dino (Back L to R)

René and Sean (Front L to R)


Pat vs Dino

Bout 1
An earlier one of PWP's productions, this one starts with super-bod 'Punishing' Pat taking on the big boy Dino. These two big guys guys really know there holds well and they take a whole lot of punishment. Pat has the experience here and takes an edge in the size department, but Dino can dish it out too. You should see the pipes on these guys. The action goes back and forth with powerful holds like Pat's scissors and big Boston crab and Dino's big bearhug having Pat pound his way out and it took a lot of pounding. They power their ways out of some painful holds, and battle on. There is something about big muscle guys and bearhugs. Great fight by both guys. Pat has a spectacular body and his posing and showing it off is fabulous. And big Dino… he gets a little manhandled. After he is put out in a sleeper, Pat sleepers him again, just to teach Dino a lesson.

Bout 2
Dino right off the bat throws Pat over his should in a suplex to prove a point. But this is Pat and he will get you back for it. The holds get more brutal and punishing as the match continues. Everything big Dino can muscle up, Pat outmuscles… and Pat's holds are nasty and hard. But Dino gets really tired of being dominated and Pat ends up in a huge cobra sleeper. And fair is fair… after the bout, Dino lifts Pat's lifeless body up and sleepers him in return. Lot's of pounding and lots of muscle. These two big guys put on a great matchup. This one is on the must-see list for a good reason. Classic.

Pat does a little digging...into Dino's eyes

Dino punishes Pat

Pat has Dino where he wants him and finishes...

...Dino with a bone crushing bearhug...Fall #2 goes to Dino who makes Pat suffer in his long lasting and repeated bearhugs.


Sean vs René

Bout #1
This match features two smaller guys with good looking bodies, skill and determination. This is one of Sean's earlier matches. He goes on to be featured in a good number of PWP's productions. Rene starts out strong, but Sean's scissor holds are devastating and Rene takes one after another. (Check out the Scissors Tape where Sean puts his scissors up against muscle god Pat). Sean is just too much for Rene, and he soon goes down.

Bout #2
Rene says enough is enough and every chance he gets in this bout he is lifting Sean up and tossing him around. Sean suffers multiple backbreakers over the Rene's knee and big bearhugs. Rene adds insult to injury and flexes his muscles over Sean as he controls him in multiple scissors. Sean submits screaming in pain. Good match boys. 

René shows Sean who's boss.

Then its Sean's turn to head scissor René.

Sean weakens his opponent some more with a crushing body scissors...then...

...Sean puts René to sleep. But René bounces back in Fall #2 and scissors poor, beat-up Sean to submission!


Tag Team

Pat & Sean (The Buddies Team) vs Dino & René

A very fun tagteam matchup to watch. When the smaller guys are going at it it's great, and when the big guys are at it it's awesome. Sean has a great tagteam partner in Pat. He dominates and he manhandles the guys one by one. Dino and Rene are two skilled wrestlers but they have one thing in there way… Pat. Those big arms get wrapped around poor Dino's head, he sleepers his opponent out. Next Sean grabs Rene and repeats it. Both guys are sleepered into defeat. Pat is a great wrestler and here he really shows it.  

Sean begins with a head scissors on Dino.

Big Dino puts a punishing headlock on Sean.

Dino puts the squeeze on Sean.

Then manoeuvers Sean to sleep but Pat won't have anything to do with this...The teams wrestle back and forth...each time punishing one another with bearhugs and scissors...

Here Pat introduces René to some hair pulling and a little squeeze.

The end comes when Pat applies the 'Pain and Punish' and then...

...puts poor Dino to rest.

Sean does the same to René ..2 down and out!

The Buddies make quite a team!