Chad a.k.a. Pistol Pete


Bar Brawls

 versus Josh and Sexy Eddie

The Dyllon Compilation

 versus Dyllon

The Rebel Compilation

 versus The Rebel

 New Era Wrestling 2

 versus Luke and Louie

the 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Kid Q 

Mauled and Manhandelled

versus Sebastian and Dyllon

the Third Scissors Tape

versus the Rebel, Eric Legros, Danny D and in a Round Robin with all 4 guys

Chad's bout against Eddie in Bar Brawls had Eddie manhandelling the veteran PWP fighter, with sleepers, body scissors, head scissors and very dominant chokeholds. Closer matched to Josh in size, Chad gives the rookie a lesson in full nelsons...

...leg and back torture...

...and how to do a proper sleeper hold, squeezing that bicep around Josh's neck. But Josh retaliates... locking on his own sleeper and doesn't give up until it's over for Chad.

Pete with a big headscissors on Eric Legros. Great view of what's squishing your head, Eric?

Pete tackles Dyllan with this sleeper.

Then with this camel clutch that looks like it's hurting Dyllan.

Even outsized, Pete manages a painful sideheadlock on big Kid Q. Pete's tough.

Look at this camel/nelson that Louie is suffering with. VERY tough hold!!

Pistol has beefed up a lot in the last while. Here Louie is trapped in a beautiful boston crab. Check out Pete's nice arms and shoulders. Looks good!!


Later Louies head gets trapped inbetween Pete's great bicep and torso hard.


Luke suffers the same tight hold, locked in hard.


Luke is worked over with this surfboard. Stretched, pulled, and bent in all directions. Pistol looks great. Nice hold.


And the hold is continued in a sitting position. Luke can't break it. And Pete looks great!!!