PWP Wrestling presents

New Era Wrestling #3

Match #1

Pierre vs Kombat Kid

Match #2

Pierre vs Lucas

Match #3

Jean-Philippe vs Kombat Kid

Match #4

Jean-Philippe vs Lucas

Match #5

Lucas vs Kombat Kid

Match #2

Pierre vs Lucas

Pierre is no match for the bigger Lucas. He easily lifts Pierre and walks him around the mat.

But the smaller man shows he is no slouch as Lucas quickly finds out.

The bigger man easily reverses and once in his head scissors...

...Big Man Lucas does some gut punishment of his own.


The tightly held grip keeps Pierre busy trying to escape...


...but every time he tries and the harder he tries, the more he falls under Lucas' control.


Lucas loves to squeeze heads as Pierre...


...finds out here and once softened up...


...Lucas buries Pierre in his massive arms.


Poor Pierre..such an easy victim for our Man Lucas.