New Era Wrestling 2

versus Louie and Luke


versus Brandan, Sebastian and Rene

Villains versus Virgins

versus the Animal and Serge Legros

Mick levels the big Animal with this fig-4 headscissors, draining his opponent.

Then he tosses the Animal into this surfboard with his knee deep in his back and really pulling on those arms and shoulders.

Mick ties Serge up holding his arms back and tightly applying this sleeper to wear him down.

He then stretches the weakened Serge's arms out and tortures them.

Mick keeps adding pressure to those big arms of Serge trying to hold his man down.

Lean and muscular, Mick stands tough with a solid sleeper on big Brandan trying to wear him down.


Followed by this tight fig-4 headscissors, Brandan must be seeing stars.  

Surfboarding Brandan, stretching those arms and shoulders out he keeps him there with his knee forced hard in his back.


Rene feels Micks bicep buried deep under his chin while in this sleeper.


Sebastian gets stretched out here...


...and then gets his abs worked over by Micks fist.

Mick has definatly one of the most defined physiques in PWP. VERY well muscled on a lean frame. He revels in backing up all of his mastered holds with it. Here Mick has Luke reeling in this standing surfboard, with his foot hard against his back.


One of Mick's favorite holds, the fig-4 headscissors. Pulling hard on his ankle for added pressure. Look at those abs on him. HOT GUY!!


His knee to Luke's throat choking him, Mick works Luke over with some gut punishment.


Luke is now all softened up for the sleeper. Mick's big bicep tight under Luke's chin and lifting him up by his head.

Here Louie is getting a taste of Mick's muscle. Look at the pain on his face as his arms and shoulders are squeezed together behind him. Very painful. 


Mick thinks he has this match one with this sleeper on Louie... Wrong!! Louie is only toying with him... Even Mick is no challenge for Louie.