PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches

Match #1

Pistol Pete vs Dyllon

Match #2

Sébastien vs Pistol Pete

Match #3

Kid Q vs Dyllon

Match #4

Sébastien vs Dyllon

Match #5

Kid Q vs Sébastien

Match #5

Kid Q vs Sébastien

 And what a finale… two of the biggest wrestlers of PWP going head to head. (If you like this one, check out the Animal taking on Konan.) Both started wrestling with PWP when they were way younger and way smaller. Both have took their knocks over the years and both have learned awesome wrestling technique and are just getting better. Kid Q starts with a chinlock on Sébastien and holds it for a while. Sébastien is slowed. Kid Q tosses a fig4 headscissors on him next, and again holds it for a while. Sébastien needs an upper hand or else… so he goes for a low blow and the Kid goes down. Sébastien starts with a big sideheadlock and then a front facing fig4 headscissors and holds tight. Even by the middle of the fight Kid Q has a hard time getting up, and Sébastien keeps on hitting him with holds. By the time Sébastien decides to put a sleeper on Kid Q, he's beaming. A big smile and flexing over Kid Q is how this one ends. Awesome big guy action. Kid Q and Sébastien are classic PWP wrestlers. Enjoy this one, it's great.

Kid Q takes an early advantage over Sébastien...

...but the veteran heel slaps on a painful head lock...

...and proceeds to pound on the Kid...

...then it is a camel clutch.

The wily Kid reverses with a painful figure four headscissors...

...but our veteran heel puts the Kid down with a low blow...

...on the mat...he slaps a face-to-crotch figure four head scissors...

...and watches happily as his victim...

...grows weary from the continued barrage until in the end.

Sébastien slaps on hissleeper hold and it is all over for the Kid.


Sébastien loves to add insult to injury as he 'exposes' his victim's vulnerability.

Does this mean Sébastien will meet The Rebel for the title of HEEL OF PWP?