PWP Wrestling presents

Mauled and Manhandled

the Wrestlers




Kid Q

Pistol Pete


the Matches

Match #1

Pistol Pete vs Dyllon (below)

Match #2

Sébastien vs Pistol Pete

Match #3

Kid Q vs Dyllon

Match #4

Sébastien vs Dyllon

Match #5

Kid Q vs Sébastien

Match #1

Pistol Pete vs Dyllon

This is a first time out for both these guys. The thing is with this match, Pete may look smaller, but let me tell you… anything Dyllon throws at him, Pete gives him right back and twice as bad. Dyllon probably thinks that at some point, Pistol will go down easy. BUT, Pete is a tough guy and pulls himself up out of most anything. Dyllon takes this one, but he really has to work for it. His final string of holds on Pistol is devastating for the guy, and he goes down. This is an awesome fight.  

Pistol Pete takes an early advantage with a painful camel clutch...

...and the proceeds to play with PWP's newest find...

...and decides to continue punishing Dyllon once more with his devastating camel clutch...

...then it is head scissors...

...but the wiry young upstart reverses and has Pistol is a bone crushing bear hug...

...and proceeds to manhandle the smaller wrestler...

...on the mat...

...each time Dyllon keeps his holds on longer and longer snd watches happily as his victim...


...grows weary from the continued barrage until in the end.


Dyllon slaps on his Boston Crab and proceeds to sit on pistol until he submits..What a start to this amazing video!

DVD - $49.00