PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Sébastien vs Joey

Match #2

Special K vs Estevan

Match #3

Special K vs Joey

Match #4

Sébastien vs Estevan

Match #5

Special K vs Sébastien

Match #4

2 out of 3 Falls

Sébastien vs Estevan 'The Beach Boy'

Sébastien has The Beach Boy in a powerful headlock.

He then puts pressure on the blond's arm...

...and a full nelson has the Beach Boy in trouble

But the bearhug helps put him away...

...and the First Fall goes to Sébastien.

The 2nd fall begins with Sébastien in control once again.

The poor rookie feels the weight of Sébastien but a low blow gives...

...the 2nd Fall to The Beach Boy.

Sébastien is angry and bearhugs the life out of the blond rookie.

The Final Fall goes to Sébastien.