Greg's Top 10 Favorites

 PWP is loaded with some of the best wrestling action on the internet, and I (Greg) have seen almost everything they have many times. In no particular order, and hopefully showing no biast to any one guy (although I do have my favorites), this is my choices as of May 1, 2003. If you are having a hard time deciding what to order, this may help you. It's a list based on the matches that I keep on going back to over and over again and to watch. There is so much good stuff to chose from from all the PWP library, but these are my favorites. In each there are beautiful bodies, lots of muscle and great wrestling skill. If you haven't yet found them... here they are...

The Rebel vs Mike Manson (Rebellion)
Mike is a tough guy, who has proven himself to be quite a heel as he showed us "In the Ring". But this tape happened to be the Rebel's show and he outdoes everyone in this one. The Rebel takes a quick start on Mike with his assault. The assault where the Rebel throws a series of devastating holds on poor screaming Mike, Rebel smiles for the camera as he tightens the hold, tosses Mikes punished body to the floor, then flexes his fabulous body while he waits for Mike to get up. Repeatedly he does this, showing us what a force he is. Mike's body suffers a lot of punching, then he's tossed over Rebels big shoulder and slammed into the lockers. He is slowly destroyed with ribs-crushing bearhugs, big backbreakers, and all the time the Rebels muscles strain and flex as they pour on the power. Mike Manson never stood a chance against this assault. His body crushed by the strength of the Rebel. The Rebel puts on a big hold until Mike almost goes out, tosses Mike's tired body to the floor, stands, does some flexing for us, and with a smile tells Mike to 'get up' for some more. And does it over and over and over again. I'd say that this match is my favorite fight, my favorite squash-job, and if you want to see an amazing body… the Rebel delivers. He doesn't stop there either… you have to see how dominating he is to these guys he is up against on this tape. Each of them are big guys who the Rebel overpowers one by one. He's amazing to watch. CLASSIC TAPE.

Brandon vs The Rebel (Rebellion 3)
This is a matchup long awaited for by PWP fans. It stages the Rebel (model good looks, a fantastic physique that he likes to flex, an aggressive and cocky nature, commanding holds, dominating skills against any comers, and rarely loses a match)… against Brandon (handsome, body building competition physique, amazing wrestling skill, dominating against his opponents, aggressive nature and hasn't lost a match yet). This match is ego vs ego and a CLASSIC match. The Rebel wants to prove he's PWP's top wrestler and Brandon wants to prove him wrong. Lot's of beef, lots of skill, lots of ego… who's going to prevail?
The Rebel starts this one out with a sideheadlock, but not for long. Brandon retorts with a bearhug and full nelson that leaves the Rebel with some concern early on in this fight. Brandon follows it up with a sleeper and bodyscissors/armbar. Later he wraps his big arms around the Rebel and squeezes on one of the biggest bearhugs the Rebel has probably ever felt. Brandon, keeping the same long bearhug, has the Rebel bent over backwards squeezing him very hard and actually holding him suspended in the air completely controlling him and surprising him with his great show of strength. Then it's ab claw time, Brandon starting out with one of his signature holds, until the Rebel reverses it with his own. Even the Rebel's sleeper, that is devastating to most, doesn't do much to Brandon. He easily pounds his way out of it and tosses another nelson on the Rebel and begins his domination of our muscled hero. No one manhandles the Rebel, but Brandon has him dominated with scissors/crab hold combinations, fig-4 headscissors, bodyscissors, claws to his back muscles, ab claws, sideheadlocks, and stomping. It's one of Brandon's vice-like nelsons that finally does the Rebel in. "I quit!! I quit!!…" the Rebel repeatedly begs. After his loss, when the Rebel warily gets up, Brandon assaults him again with another sleeper, and more brutal clawing and stomping. The Rebel is trashed. Brandon came to this fight focused and with a big desire to beat the Rebel. Brandon dominates the Rebel for a lot of the match, beating him good and proving to the others in PWP that he may be top dog. Great fight!!

Kid Q vs Joey (Summer Crush)
This is for those who like long lasting power holds and another squash-job. Joey is a well-versed wrestler, but does have his hands full with the Kid. Joey does get in a solid headlock, cobra clutch, bearhug, and a lot of punching before the hunk lets loose. The Kid wraps his muscular arms around Joey with a very sexy full nelson as the Kid begins his assault on Joey's neck. At every turn Kid Q goes back to Joey's neck and tortures it. An extended chinlock is what really weakens Joey. Joey is a big tough guy, but the Kid sometimes dominates his opponents. A long necktwist that the Kid throws all his muscle into is torturous on poor Joey. Watching the Kid's muscles flex as he applies his holds is a great reason to see this tape. At any point he can put Joey out, but between devastating holds Kid slowly walks around Joey's waisted musclebody and stalks him planning his next step in the neck torture. A long bearhug, a neck snapping ankle scissors, another big full nelson, his nerve hold, and another big chinlock. The Kid is overpowering and Joey is worked over well. An awesome matchup. Slow and cool.

Kid TNT vs Kid Q (Summer Brawl)
One of the sexiest beatings I've seen. Kid TNT claiming to be a good guy, low-blows Kid Q to start this one. A taste of things to come for Kid Q. Kid TNT gets the upper hand by dirty tactics throughout this match. A low blow to Kid Q's crotch, biting, gouging to the eyes, lots of punching to the forehead, leg drops to the crotch, anything. Any time Kid Q got on one of his power holds, TNT would pound his way out, and then throw Kid Q into one of his big pro-holds. Kid Q really gets worked over. TNT locks on his 'Love Machine' and a serious cobra hold to big Kid Q, to knock him out. Then after TNT lets Kid Q lay there defeated for a while, he returns to the mat to lay a pounding to the musclehunk, Kid Q. With his hard fists he pounds Kid Q every which way, then he rams his head into the lockers a few times. All that followed by another cobra. Kid Q rarely gets manhandled to this degree and has a very hard time recovering from the beating he takes. TNT is HOT.

The Animal vs Konan (Battling Bodies 2)
This is a great way to start a fantastic video. Our big muscular Animal up against another musclehunk, Konan. Animal starts fast, and soon has him in a big sleeper. Konan toys with Animal and muscles his way out of every great hold our experienced Animal puts on him. Animal has Konan in pain with a big armbar, but Konan starts to manhandle Animal in many ways. Every, very experienced hold Animal puts on Konan, he forces his way out. A scissors headlock nearly puts Animal out. They exchange hard held power holds. Sleepers, headscissors, armbars, surfboard, bearhugs and hard hits. One nearly putting the other out, then the hold is powered out of. Lots of muscle. A little crotch-grabbing. Hot guys. Konan is a little rough on our Animal, but the Animal seems to enjoy it. This match comes equipped with one of the hottest and longest sleeper holds ever. You gotta see it.

Louie vs Dyllon (New Era Wrestling)
Dyllon comes to this taping beefed up a lot. He takes on Louie who is about half Dyllon's size. Louie has a way with scissor holds and because of the size disadvantage, he relies on them throughout the match. Every time Dyllon thinks he has Louie under control, Louie forces his way out and overtakes him. He scissors the hell out of Dyllon, and eventually Dyllon succumbs to a headscissors/armbar/hammerlock/with a whole lot of gut punishment, all at once. Louie really works his big opponent over well.

The Animal vs Mick (Villains versus Virgins)
This is a match that you are bound to watch over and over again. These two hunk's bodies are well displayed throughout this match. Big hunk Animal takes on lean and muscled, Mick. The Animal is such a force to go against, but Mick has a great match with his big foe. Animal wears Mick down with side headlocks, sleepers, and scissors. Mick does have his way with Animal, hurting him good with a mean laying nelson that has the Animal's chin dug deep in his big chest, moaning. He follows it up with a standing surfboard using his feet well, forcing his heel into the Animals lower back. Next he tosses on a fig-4 headscissors using the Animals big arm as leverage, pulling hard. OUCH! Finally the Animal can't take any more of Mick's abuse, turns it on and works him over real good. These two hunks go well toe to toe, showing strong wrestling skill and wonderfully working over eachothers hard muscles.. Hard fought, Mick finally goes down in beautiful sleeper. Great match-up, featuring two of PWP's hottest hunks.

Bad Boy vs The Scottish Cowboy (Rebellion 3)
You know this one will be great. These two are eager to go at it, both carrying fantastic builds and killer good looks. Bad Boy is looking huge. The SC may not be as big as the Bad One, but he is as confident and aggressive. BB starts out giving the SC a preview of what he can offer, including the 'Sex Machine'. Bad Boy proving himself with hold after hold until the SC gets his game together. The SC slows down the big guy with scissors, armbars, toe holds, lots of headlocks combination holds (scissors/toehold, scissors/armbar) and unloads on him with choking, elbow smashes, gut punches, face punches, gauging and has Bad Boy almost worn down. When it looks as if BB is getting it together, the SC low blows him, drops a knee down on BB's glutes, and then makes him scream in pain in a big surfboard. Things are looking tough for the Bad One. But BB's next 'Sex Machine' is successful, and he follows it up with a staggering full nelson, and then he wraps his big bicep around the SC's neck and sleepers his tough opponent out. Two tough worthy opponents that give it their all in this great matchup. One of Bad Boy's best fights to watch. Not often do you see another guy be so dominating with him. Enjoy.

Kid Q vs Sébastien (Mauled and Manhandled)
Two of the biggest wrestlers of PWP going head to head. Both started wrestling with PWP when they were way younger and way smaller. Both have took their knocks over the years and both have learned awesome wrestling technique and are just getting better. Kid Q starts with a chinlock on Sébastien and holds it for a while. Sébastien is slowed. Kid Q tosses a fig4 headscissors on him next, and again holds it for a while. Sébastien needs an upper hand or else… so he goes for a low blow and the Kid goes down. Sébastien starts with a big sideheadlock and then a front facing fig4 headscissors and holds tight. Even by the middle of the fight Kid Q has a hard time getting up, and Sébastien keeps on hitting him with holds. By the time Sébastien decides to put a sleeper on Kid Q, he's beaming. A big smile and flexing over Kid Q is how this one ends. Awesome big guy action. Kid Q and Sébastien are classic PWP wrestlers. Enjoy this one, it's great.

the Rebel vs Bad Boy vs Sexy Steve (the 2nd Bearhug Tape)
Check this out, what a hunkbash. Three of PWP's best bodies in a three-way bearhug-fest. Standing, kneeling, laying, and often one guy is bearhugged by both other hunks simultaneously in a sandwich. You won't be able to stand it. Sexy Steve is a victim to the wrath of his two big opponents. Early on, the Rebel and Bad Boy decide to gang up on Sexy and bearhug him out first. Back and forth, they pass Steve taking turns squeezing Steve until he can't take anymore. He is pummeled and begs for them to stop. Repeatedly, they lift his lifeless body up off the floor and continue their devastation. A match like this is something to see. Two are punishing the other with relentless bearhugs. WOW!!! It doesn't get much better than this. Steve begs over and over for them to stop, but it doesn't end for him until they decide to ask him to quit. This bout is top notch and a great watch. This tape is full of a whole lot of muscle and endless bearhugging. CLASSIC!!!