In The Ring 2

Match #1

Mathieu vs Mario

Match #2

Emmanuel vs François

Match #3

Mario vs Emmanuel

Match #4

Mathieu vs François

Match #5

Tag Team Match

Mario + Mathieu vs Emmanuel + François

Match #4

François vs Mathieu

MATHIEU knows he can control François...

with his pro wrestling skills and experience in the ring..

Mathieu loves to dish out the he gloats as François suffers in a figure four leg lock!

FRANCOIS will not take it lying down as Mathieu soon learns...the hard way.

"You want to play rough, well you've come to the right place"...

FRANCOIS is on the receiving end of gut punching while trapped on the ropes and choking out with the help of some rope, conveniently placed by the side of the ring.

Mathieu continues his barrage of punishment...

FRANCOIS takes a few solid punches to the head...and lands trapped on the mat...

Mario makes François surrender with a painful half boston crab...

FRANCOIS is vanquished..."This is how you do it Mario..."


DVD - $32.95