In The Ring 2

Match #1

Mathieu vs Mario

Match #2

Emmanuel vs François

Match #3

Mario vs Emmanuel

Match #4

Mathieu vs François

Match #5

Tag Team Match

Mario + Mathieu vs Emmanuel + François

Match #2

Emmanuel vs François

The two newcomers lock-up the ring...The taller Emmanuel takes the early advantage...

with headlocks and bone crushing bear hugs...Emmanuel easily breaks out of François' full nelson.

A full nelson of his own and an on the mat headlock keeps Emmanuel in control..

FRANCOIS takes the upper hand with head scissors..

EMMANUEL shows François how its done....

and then takes decided control with his powerful bear hugs..

until François can take it no longer and

concedes defeat....Emmanuel shows off his lean muscular body before helping François to his feet...

"François, I want you in my corner when we have to face Mathieu and Mario later in a tag match."


DVD - $32.95