In The Ring 2

Match #1

Mathieu vs Mario

Match #2

Emmanuel vs François

Match #3

Mario vs Emmanuel

Match #4

Mathieu vs François

Match #5

Tag Team Match

Mario + Mathieu vs Emmanuel + François

Match #1

Mario vs Mathieu

Mathieu agreed to take on Mario as his protegé and teach him the ropes. In this first match, Mathieu wants to see how much Mario has learned.

MATHIEU easily handles Mario, first with a bone crushing headlock and while on the mat, rakes Mario's face and eyes.

MARIO lands a solid punch to Mathieu's gut. 'See how much I've learned.'

But Mathieu is quick to gain the advantage once more.

Mathieu chokes Mario on the ropes. Not to be outdone, Mario plants a solid knee to Mathieu's gut.

Mario thinks he has the advantage and twists Mathieu's fingers.

Mathieu is quick to repay Mario's dirty tricks with some punishing holds..Dirty tricks, by the way, which Mathieu taught Mario!

Down on the mat he goes....

But Mario starts to connect with a number of punches to the gut.

Mario chokes Mathieu who in turn delivers a low blow to his protegé.

Mathieu decides to lower the boom on Mario with his punishing Boston Crab...

It all over for Mario...

"Mario...a good job...You still have much to learn...but, I think you're ready to take on some real competition".


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