Match #1

Aaron vs Big Steve

Match #2

Jean vs Big Steve

Match #3

Dale vs Big Steve

Match #4

Dale vs Jean

Match #5

Aaron vs Jean

Match #3

Dale vs Big Steve

In a test of strength, Dale circles Big Stve and

clamps on a reverse bear hug!

A powerful and painful full nelson has Steve slouching in agony..

Then Dale has Steve securely locked into a bear hug..or does he?

But wait, Steve is able to reverse and has Dale locked in one of his patented bear hugs..Will Dale escape before it is too late?

Dale knows he has to soften up Steve's head before applying his Brain Buster...

Before Steve knows what Mac truck hit him, he is feeling the pressure of Dales' knuckles and fist...

'Dale's victory means he is that much closer to challenging Jean for the PWP heavyweight champonship!

DVD - $39.95