Match #1

Aaron vs Big Steve

Match #2

Jean vs Big Steve

Match #3

Dale vs Big Steve

Match #4

Dale vs Jean

Match #5

Aaron vs Jean

Match #5

Aaron vs Jean

In a test of strength, Aaron has it all over he begins to manhandle the one-time champ!

Aaron dishes out more punishment and is enjoying every minute...nipple twisting anyone..ha,ha..

Jean tries some nipple twisting of his own..only to be rewarded by a headlock..his lame attempt at escape ...

results in his own nipple punishment and Aaron's cockiness as he makes the one time champ suffer.

Jean continues to be Aaron's plaything..much to the surprise of everyone watching..


Aaron's cockiness seems to be well deserved..He almost manhandled Jean..Now he wants Dale for the PWP Heavyweight Championship!

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