In The Ring 3

Match #1

Mathieu vs Raphael

Match #2

Mario vs Raphael

Match #3

Mario vs Rocky

Match #4

Rocky vs Raphael

Match #5

Mathieu vs Rocky

Match #6

Special Main Event Match

Mario vs Mathieu


Mario vs Rocky

MARIO squares off against the more muscular Rocky in a test of strength

MARIO succumbs to his more powerful adversary with a front chancery.

Mario attacks Rocky's pecs and sets him up against the ring post..

ROCKY regains control and has Mario at his mercy..

Mario is bundled up and is being weakened by Rocky's sleeper...

ROCKY, however, wants to make Mario suffer inside his back-breaking BEAR HUG!

Mario is ready to give up and is slowly falling to the ring floor when Mathieu interferes..

ROCKY is surprised from behind by Mathieu. Rocky is beaten and thrown out of the ring by Mathieu who then turns on Mario. The tag team freindship is OVER! Mathieu challenges Mario in the Special Main Event Match!