In The Ring 3

Match #1

Mathieu vs Raphael

Match #2

Mario vs Raphael

Match #3

Mario vs Rocky

Match #4

Rocky vs Raphael

Match #5

Mathieu vs Rocky

Match #6

Special Main Event Match

Mario vs Mathieu


Rocky vs Raphael

Rocky sees Raphael as his latest play he easily controls his opponent with knees to a painful surfboard.

Rocky easily lifts Raphael up off the ring floor, then clamps on a headlock..

RAPHAEL is able to gain the upper hand and has Rocky in trouble with a head scissors and arm bar..

ROCKY regains control..first with pec claws, then with a smothering front chancery.

RAPHAEL finds himself in trouble as Rocky puts the pressure on Raphael's body and then weakens him with a sleeper hold...

Once Rocky has Raphael in his back-breaking bear hug...its all that Raphael can do but give up..

But before Rocky lets him concede, he tortures him on the ring and with more bear hugs!

ROCKY stands magestically over his defeated opponent!